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Brand Positioning and strategy, marketing consultancy, Brand Expression, Website Design, Packaging, Photoshoot, Product Positioning, User Experience Design, Content & Communication Strategy, Evolution Plan

What do you remember from your last urban trip? What defines our memorable experiences? With our partners at Cityberry we explored the concept of urban experiences. We questioned what it truly means to know a city, and consequently what it means to truly explore it. We worked to understand and accentuate the city’s personality.

Our work started by defining memorable experiences as the unexpected but incredible memories we create within the nooks and crannies of urban jungles. We believe it’s all about that one pub with the incredible beer you found when you were tired after you visited the landmark, you know, the Big Bens, the Empire States, the London Eyes. We call these the details of a city. Cityberry believes it's all about enabling people to create these memories and to curate them through the eyes of an expert.

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