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Cüneyt Özdemir Media

Turkish Media Giant

When we met them, Cüneyt Özdemir Media was passionate about keeping the flame of journalism alive in the 21st Century. They wanted to find a way to showcase their expertise and define the future of journalism. To do so they invited Creatiful Agency to craft visual and verbal identity, as well as a new brand narrative, that would reflect their evolution from a dying journalism platform into a mission-driven enterprise.

Today, the majority of our collective public discourse happens online – and too often it feels chaotic at best and toxic at worst. The content we consume is driven by clickbait rather than expertise, and traditional journalistic content cannot keep up with the changing times. Sadly, how we used to define journalism is thought to be dead within the 21st Century, and the data supports our thesis. Our partner Cüneyt Özdemir Media has been gathering data for the past 3 years which showed that only 0.1% of the population followed journalistic content. Worse, the psychographic population that did had almost no variation within them. The data showed extreme retention rates but a decreasing trend in unique visitors.

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How we helped: Brand Positioning and strategy, marketing consultancy, Brand Expression, Content & Communication Strategy, Evolution Plan

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